Nanténé Coulibaly Seck


Nanténé was born in Senegal and attended the Lycée John F. Kennedy in Dakar where she earned the baccalaureate. Her tertiary education was at the University Cheikh Anta Diop where she got her master’s degree and then her DEA (McPhil) at the Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences.  She also got a Post-Master degree in Diplomatic and Strategic Studies at the Centre d’Etudes Diplomatiques et Strategiques.

She advocates very early in Human Rights organizations for the defense and protection of human rights and Human Rights defenders (RADDHO, COSEF) and also in a self-regulatory body of the media in Senegal (CRED). She also served as supervisor of elections and trainer on election observation techniques.

Mastering German language, Nanténé worked in the German cooperation for a decade as responsible for Programmes and projects related to the APE, human rights, gender, democracy and governance, regional security, media…

Later, she was recruited in 2009 by ECOWAS where she is currently a Program Officer- Early warning Analyst. She coordinated and participated in projects related to the evaluation of risks and vulnerabilities of ECOWAS Members States, the Conflict Risk assessment, the study on Conflict Systems in West Africa and the establishment of national Early Warning and Response mechanisms.

Se is since January 2015, which marks ECOWAS’ new orientation in terms of early warning, the Analyst in charge of the thematic area “Crime & Criminality” with a focus on the ECOWAS region. 

She did several courses and training programs in many countries (USA, UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Algeria, Gabon, Ethiopia, ECOWAS countries, etc.). Nantene is since May 2016 a Staff representative at ECOWAS Commission. She is also Alumni of the Geneva Center for Security Policy (GCSP) since 2011 and the Africa Center for Strategic Studies (ACSS), Washington DC) since 2014. She Speaks German, English and French and has some rudimentary knowledge in Portuguese.