Dr. Joannie Marlene Bewa

International Consultant & Executive Director, Young Beninese Leaders Association

Dr. Joannie Marlene Bewa is an influential global health expert from Benin, a multi-award-winning family medicine physician, and researcher at the University of South Florida College of Public Health (USA). She has over a decade of experience in healthcare, technical consultancy, advocacy, and research in the US and Africa. She serves on various boards including the Africa Women Leaders Network, Merck for Mothers, Women in Global Health, etc. She founded the Young Beninese Leaders Association in 2010 in the Benin Republic, which reached over 20 000 adolescents and youth on sexual and reproductive health, HIV prevention, and leadership, and was awarded the very competitive First lady Michelle Obama Young African Women Leaders Grant. She is a Secretary Clinton Women in Public Service Fellow and a Fulbright Scholar.